5 Things To Look For When Finding a Property Manager

Finding the right property manager is critical for the success of your property investments. However, this can feel like a huge task, especially if you are a first-time landlord. Where do you start?

To help make this process easier, here are 5 essential factors to consider when beginning your search.

1. Safety First: Healthy Home Compliance, Drug Testing, & Smoke Alarms.

Any prospective property manager must be familiar with the Healthy Homes Standards and what the specific requirements are for rental properties around heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture, drainage, and draught stopping. These standards help ensure landlords have healthier, safer properties and lower maintenance costs. The standards also make it easier for tenants to keep their homes warm and dry.

There are other safety requirements that a property manager must be aware of to ensure the safety and well-being of your rental property, such as the requirements around smoke alarms and conducting the appropriate meth tests.

East Realty’s Trevor and Tracey always aim to improve the health status of tenants’ living spaces and monitor whether the landlords are compliant with the relevant regulations. They conduct routine meth tests and make sure that every house they prepare for the rental market has functioning smoke alarms to comply with legal standards as well as the safety of tenants. This high level of care is largely what sets them apart in the industry.

2. Go Local – Expertise that Matters.

When it comes to property management, local knowledge is crucial. Local property managers know how to attract tenants and have inside knowledge of the current market rates. They are also likely to have a trusted network of nearby tradies when your property needs work.

With thorough knowledge of Tauranga and its surrounding areas, the team at East Realty have years of experience navigating the real estate landscape and understands the local market trends, property values, and all of the nuances that make the area unique. This wealth of insight enables them to offer tailored guidance, strategic advice, and comprehensive solutions that align precisely with their clients’ needs and aspirations. East Realty ensures that clients make well-informed decisions and find properties that perfectly suit their preferences and investment goals.

3. Setting up the Property Management Agreement

When looking to set up a new property management agreement, there are many important details to consider; What are their fees? How will they find and review tenants for you? What is their selection process? How do they deal with late rent payments? Alongside many other considerations.

The team at East Realty is committed to going through all these important details with their clients who require their property management services. East Realty’s adherence to best practice isn’t just about compliance; it’s about ensuring your property management service is legally sound and secure. Their commitment to upholding these standards offers peace of mind to property owners.

Established partnerships with trusted agencies like Tenancy.co.nz enable East Realty to conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants. This meticulous screening process ensures reliable tenants are placed on your property. East Realty’s stringent background checks guarantee that only trustworthy tenants are placed in your property.

4. Client Reviews & Business Website

Any good property manager will have plenty of happy and satisfied customers. So be sure to check any online client reviews and testimonials. These reviews can provide an honest assessment of the property manager’s services. It is also important to check out their website. A high-profile property management agency with good website traffic and up-to-date listings will help you market your property more successfully.

5. Exclusive REINZ Accreditation

Use a REINZ-accredited property manager. This gives you peace of mind that you are working with a specialist who is dedicated to continuous improvement and keeps to the highest professional standards.

East Realty has been accredited by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), which makes it stand out from the crowd and assures prospective clients of its high standard of service. The team proudly holds the title of being the only property management specialist in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa, and one of only two real estate groups in the Bay of Plenty with this particular accreditation.

It is important to do your homework before deciding on the right property manager for you and your unique situation. Tauranga’s East Realty remains a top choice for property owners looking for service of a high standard. Get in touch with the friendly team today.

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During the past two years, the New Zealand property market has experienced a slowdown due to rising interest rates, stricter lending rules, and a general reduction in economic confidence in New Zealand.

At East Realty, commitment to excellence goes beyond the ordinary. We believe that every client deserves a personal touch, and their dynamic duo, Trevor and Tracey, are the embodiment of this philosophy.

At East Realty, commitment to excellence goes beyond the ordinary. We believe that every client deserves a personal touch, and their dynamic duo, Trevor and Tracey, are the embodiment of this philosophy.

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