Engaging a Real Estate Agency that’s Right for You

Should I list with a boutique or big brand agency to sell my property?

The history of the profession of real estate agents in New Zealand reaches back as far as the early 1900s where “land agents”, as they were then known, began to collectively conduct business. Over the past 20 years the real estate profession in New Zealand has undergone a paradigm shift. The 2008 legislation, subsequent regulations, and much broader marketing methods have been game-changers, and now, in 2022, how the client relationship is forged with their chosen company is undergoing a much-needed sea change too.

Customised Real Estate vs Big Brand Conventions

Typically, real estate agencies offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to their services to vendors and buyers. However, access to knowledge in the 21st century has exploded and with the emergence of the internet, more nuanced marketing strategies are called for. The options to promote property on a vast array of social media platforms has created a move towards more bespoke real estate services. Customers’ needs in all areas of business quite rightly ought to be treated as unique to them with the emphasis on tailoring an approach focussed on their specific requirements. Clients to want to feel like the hero in their own story. In the transacting of real estate this is particularly critical. Salespeople and their companies are managing their client’s most precious asset, so their investment in having a positive experience and successful outcome, is immeasurable. Employing a real estate firm to handle a campaign and sale involves scoping out the right company. Choosing someone who adapts to the needs of the client is vital, as opposed to one demanding the client adapt to the needs of the corporate brand. Your home should be up in brighter lights than real estate brand you’ve listed with.

Real Estate Services – the Personal Touch

Chapter 1 in the selling campaign for your home does not begin at the front door of the first weekend open home, although for many this is the perception. The process starts weeks and perhaps months earlier – particularly for Tauranga residents who employ East Realty to sell their home. The days where once the Sale & Purchase Agreement got signed, the agent turned up the next day and took a few snaps on their camera and banged in a sign are thankfully a thing of the past. And who can hand-on-heart admit that they enjoyed having 15 agents stampeding through in 60 seconds on a Tuesday morning on the famously hasty “caravan”? The personal touch that only a boutique agency has the luxury of delivering is about the philosophy of author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek who said, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. Working with passionate business owners in a boutique firm like East Realty, you’re connecting only with Trevor and Tracey East – two professionals who have a vision to give their clients the personalised and exclusive service that’s right for vendors and their property.

It’s a Million Little Things

The agility of having a boutique agency handling your real estate experience is enormously rewarding. Stop and think for a moment about what you’d need to do if you suddenly found you’ve been transferred for a job out of your area; a new baby is on the way; or a loss of some sort has necessitated a move. It’s a complex process and knowing what to expect is a huge step forward. The million little things that are needed to get the ball rolling can be overwhelming. Like a luxury 5-star hotel, the process of managing a real estate move calls for a concierge service where you’re hiring experts to take charge of the process. This is where Tracey and Trevor East dominate in Tauranga. Their personal attention and handling of the practical minutiae in the lead up to launch day reduces stress and streamlines the process at what can be a challenging time. Trevor and Tracey make it their business to:

Arrange the appropriate tradespeople to carry out:

  • Exterior house, driveway and window washing
  • Section clearance, lawn, and garden maintenance
  • Handyman jobs and paint touch-ups
  • Interior clean including carpet and hard floors

Direct you to any professional contacts needed:

  • Legal and conveyancing firms
  • Mortgage brokers and banks
  • Valuers and surveyors
  • Council and local body personnel

It’s the Journey AND the Destination

Next steps are where the rubber meets the road in marketing and promoting the property. Tracey and Trevor, with four decades in the industry are at the top of their game for experience in the field, innovative ideas, and high-quality strategies to make your property stand out. Because you’re always dealing with the owners of the company, decisions are made collaboratively with you in the context of what’s right for your individual needs. Industrialist and car manufacturer Henry Ford once famously said about the Model T “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black”. To draw the parallel with selling your home, East Realty won’t force you to conform to a selling method narrowly dictated by corporate policy. We’re not pushing you towards one sales method over another so it could be that your home is marketed in any one of a variety of ways – at a price, by negotiation, or in an auction programme. This is the beauty of a boutique agency – we’re working in your best interests and, getting back to cars, we’re all in the driving seat together!

Safeguarding Your Home, Secure in the Knowledge

Honouring the special relationship vested by you in us, we’re mindful that the confronting prospect of exposing your home and household to a real estate campaign feels daunting. In these days of rising crime rates, we take very seriously your need to feel safe, prioritising your sense of wellbeing and protecting your belongings. East Realty will never attach an impersonal lock box to your home for a stream of unfamiliar agents to access and then come through leaving a card, never to be heard from again. We will qualify and then accompany every buyer to the home to safeguard your space and appropriately manage the appointment. Weekend open homes will only ever be conducted by us. It’s inevitable that a sales campaign can feel intrusive but employing a boutique agency noticeably minimises the impact as you’re always liaising directly with your chosen agents – 24/7.

The Power of Two for One Direction

East Realty was borne out of a clear mission and burning desire to provide vendors and buyers in Tauranga with a special real estate service that focuses on them as people not as just property owners and seekers. You deserve to feel special and in control – this can be a powerful experience when you’re able to collaboratively design the campaign that suits you. The real estate world is headed in a new direction and at East Realty we get it. You want much more than you’ve ever had before – we want to be a part of that changing story.   

Want to Know More about Us?

Want to discover a real estate experience that will knock your socks off and get you the result you’ve been dreaming of? Why not give us a call? Let’s get together and talk about life and Tauranga real estate. Call our mobile 027 577 6737, visit our website at www.eastrealty.co.nz or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Traceyandtrevoreast.

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At East Realty, commitment to excellence goes beyond the ordinary. We believe that every client deserves a personal touch, and their dynamic duo, Trevor and Tracey, are the embodiment of this philosophy.

At East Realty, commitment to excellence goes beyond the ordinary. We believe that every client deserves a personal touch, and their dynamic duo, Trevor and Tracey, are the embodiment of this philosophy.

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