The Twenty Steps To Selling Your Home With East Realty

Our First Meeting

We’ll meet you first and get to know you better because it’s our mission to learn more about your real estate goals and dreams. Tell us all the reasons you love living in your home and all you know about the property. We’ll explore inside and out and walk the boundary and then arrange a time to come back and present you with the Current Market Appraisal (CMA).

CMA is Prepared

Our in-depth research and preparation results in the compilation of a CMA for your property. Based on what your property offers, recent comparable sales in the area and current competition, the CMA will contain lots of information and data identifying your target market and will include a bespoke marketing proposal.

CMA is Presented

At our second meeting we will go through each component step by step of the CMA and marketing proposal. This is the time to get your questions answered and to discuss anything arising out of the documents we’ve presented.

Listing & AML Are Signed

The listing agreement is prepared and we conduct Anti Money Laundering (AML) verification of each legal owner. Since January 2019 real estate agents in New Zealand are required to comply with anti-money laundering and counter terrorist finance obligations. To make the process easy, we engage a third party company as our agent to carry out checks and complete customer due diligence (CDD) on our behalf.

Legal Documents Prepared

We order the Property File from the local council, as well as the property title and any interests on the title. We will comprehensively read through to understand these documents thoroughly and then prepare a draft Sale and Purchase Agreement to submit to your solicitor for their approval.

Ready for Market

Our comprehensive customer service team prioritises getting your home ready for the market. Together we design a plan along with our trusted contractors and can project manage some or all of the elements needed. Each member of our team will provide you with written quotes so that there are no surprises.

No job is too big or too small!

Opting to Home Stage

Some properties may benefit from home-staging and this is a service we can assist you with. Staging can make your house look and feel like a show home. The process can involve some or all of the following: minimalising, rearranging furniture, adding decorative elements and depersonalising a home. Staging will maximise visual appeal making it easier for prospective buyers to envision themselves living there. If staging is desired we’ll help you find the stager that’s right for you. We work with a broad range of stagers to fit all budgets from partial to full staging.

Photography & Copy

Reaching and attracting enquiry locally, nationally, and internationally pivots on your online presence. Over 95% of your buyers will start their search online, so selling your home using professional photography is key. We employ Open2View for the best photography and video* to make sure your home is perfectly captured! The company uses professional equipment at the optimal time of the day for your property and our direction to the photographer to take into consideration views, tides and the sun gets stunning results. The golden hour* of late afternoon showing exterior and interior views emphasises intense, rich colours and dramatic shades of light, resulting in emotive, impactful photos. Our professional copy writer prepares the marketing script highlighting the features of your property and surrounding area.

*Optional extra.

Your Approval

Once all the marketing has been prepared we run all images and content past you for your approval.


Now that you are completely happy we make the property live across the internet and the signboard is erected in a high profile position.


We promote your property across social media sites and continuously upskill and fine tune to keep abreast of the ever changing algorithms of the different social media platforms. We pride ourselves on employing the best technical specialists in social media marketing.


We prepare comprehensive high quality colour brochures to provide buyers with in depth information about the property. It is not acceptable for your real estate agent to just print off and hand out a 1-page A4 paper flyer. You deserve more and the buyers expect as much information as possible to refer to when they leave the property and go away to think about your home. A substantial bespoke brochure will lie on a desk or coffee table long after a sheet of paper has been binned.

Open Homes & Private Viewings

Most buyers like to look at a home without any pressure. A buyer will start the process by going to the open home first, then follow up with a private inspection with us. We call this the “two step” buyer. Open homes are a fabulous way to create competition as busy open homes engender a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) state which can lead to multiple offers being generated. We provide emailed and texted E-brochures and information packs to all interested buyers immediately at the open home or viewing inspection.

Active Phone Calling

We are proficient and primed to always follow up on enquiries immediately. Our Trademe and email enquiries are replied to automatically, 24 hours a day, with the property documents delivered straight to the buyer’s inbox. Studies show that the wider the time lag from moment of enquiry or lead to ensuing follow up, the less likely a positive result or successful connection can be expected with the caller. In the age of smart phones and instant responses, our call backs are actioned as close to the enquiry as humanly possible.

Present Offers

We will meet with you to review your offer or offers together. Once the details are thoroughly digested and understood, you will have three options: accept the offer; decline the offer; or countersign the offer. We can negotiate on your behalf back and forth as many times as needed until you reach an agreement or one or other party chooses to walk away.

Under Contract

Once an offer is accepted by both parties, fully signed by all and finally dated by us, you are officially “under contract”. Congratulations – you are on the home straight!

Satisfaction Of Conditions

If your contract is unconditional (i.e. sold in an auction or as an accepted cash offer) then we skip this step. Each condition will have a time limit by which they need to be met. We work closely with both parties to assist getting each condition satisfied in a timely manner. Once all conditions are satisfactorily met the contract is declared unconditional.

Sold & Deposit Paid

Congratulations – this is champagne time! The sold sticker goes up on the sign and we collect the agreed deposit off the buyer. This deposit is held in Trust for 10 working days – standard New Zealand law. Our selling fee is deducted from the deposit and the balance is paid into your solicitor’s trust account.

Final Inspection

In the final week leading up to settlement day, we accompany the purchaser to carry out a final inspection – a pre-settlement inspection. This is done to check that the property is as it was when the agreement was signed and to ensure everything is in working order and undamaged.

Settlement Day

This is the day that the purchaser pays the balance of the purchase price. Once the transfer of funds is verified, your solicitor gives us the authority to release all keys to the new owners.

East Realty is grateful to have been on this exciting voyage to your SOLD destination.

Looking to buy a new property or sell an existing one? Let us help you.

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