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For over 20 years Tauranga native, award-winning Trevor East has represented homeowners and landlord investors in the wider Bay of Plenty region. Growing up on a farm, Trevor has a close affinity with the land and deeply understands the connection that Kiwis have to owning their own “bit of dirt”.

As a left-brain thinker, Trevor has significant business acumen from his background running his own company and working in the meat and dairy industries. He has the capacity to think on his feet and is responsive and dogged when he is negotiating a deal. He not only knows the Bay of Plenty region like the proverbial back of his hand, he also enjoys just a few degrees of separation from many of the locals! When Trevor joined forces in 2011 with hardworking colleague Tracey they co-created a personalized, valued home buying experience adapting their complementary and diverse skill sets.

Tracey is the gregarious aesthete to Trevor’s analytical technician. He is a pragmatic hands-on guy who can walk the talk regarding bricks and mortar. A superb communicator who makes it his mission to know the ins and outs of property legislation and help guide all parties involved with respect, patience, and kindness.

Quality time with the family, grandchildren and dogs is a priority but to decompress Trevor loves to hit the open road on his Harley Davidson motorbike. When they can spare the time, he and Tracey love travelling overseas to experience different cultures.

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