East Realty’s REINZ Residential Property Management Accreditation is a Big Deal

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In the dynamic property management world, being certified by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) is a sign of excellence, dedication to professionalism, and expertise in real estate services.

East Realty is proud to be the only property management specialist in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa, and one of only two real estate groups in the Bay of Plenty to hold this prestigious accreditation.

The REINZ Residential Property Management Accreditation is awarded to agencies and individuals who demonstrate professional standards and commit to ongoing professional development within residential property management.

It’s verified by REINZ themselves, and bridges the gap between the overarching industry organisations and the tenants and property owners who engage with property managers.

Meeting the REINZ RPM Accreditation Standards

To become accredited by REINZ as a property manager, an agency must follow stringent guidelines:

  • Maintaining a code of conduct,
  • Abiding by ethical standards,
  • Ensuring property managers are sufficiently qualified,
  • Providing information and systems to facilitate improvement,
  • Undertaking ongoing professional development (continuing education of staff),
  • Providing a fair and accessible dispute resolution process,
  • Annual renewal and declaration of their commitment.

East Realty goes above and beyond to meet this criteria. We aim to set the standard for professionalism in property management.

The Value of REINZ Accreditation to the Bay of Plenty

East Realty’s REINZ RPM accreditation holds significant value to both clients and the property management sector in the Bay.

For clients, it gives them peace of mind that they are dealing with a business that is recognised for its commitment to continuous improvement and the development of professional standards. It means you’re dealing with Property Managers who intend to take their standards to the next level.

For the property management sector in the Bay of Plenty, especially Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa, it means East Realty are raising the standards. We aim to bring fresh ideas, effective strategies, up-to-date legal interpretations, long-term market thinking, and best-practice approaches to every aspect of our work.

We hope to inspire other Property Managers in the Bay to make the same commitment.

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East Realty’s Commitment to Excellence

The REINZ RPM accreditation signifies dedication to professionalism, legal compliance, and client satisfaction.

Testimonials from satisfied clients consistently express appreciation for the ease and transparency with which the accredited property agents at East Realty handle the entire process. This is largely due to their commitment to upholding the standards of REINZ.

For clients seeking property management services backed by REINZ accreditation and a committed real estate agent, Tauranga’s East Realty stands ready to serve. The passionate team at East Realty closely adhere to the exacting criteria to ensure that each and every client receives nothing less than the best. Get in touch with the accredited team at East Realty today!

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