Family Home Roadmap

family home roadmap east realty

Here’s the Story

Rachel and Nathan spent the past 8 years creating happy memories of the good life with their two young children on the city’s rural fringes in Panorama Drive. For Evelyn and Toby, it had been the only home they knew. Good times were spent exploring and sharing their slice of semi-rural lifestyle paradise and the kids grew bigger the family decided they needed even more space to live in. In mid 2022 they had an offer accepted on a larger home and then contacted East Realty to collaborate on a road map to achieve their timelines and dream sale price goals.

Next Step – Getting Ready to Sell

East Realty immediately set in motion all the necessary strategies to get the property ready for launch to the market. Campaign preparation is about getting ducks in a row and the tasks Trevor and Tracey took charge of included:

  • Advice on presentation and organising home staging to suit the required budget 
  • Professional photography with daytime shoot and golden hour imagery to further showcase the exceptional beauty of this lifestyle location 
  • A premium video tour to bring the property alive for buyers – particularly those living out of the area who seek to get a “feel” for the place
  • Professionally written scripts for online and video scripts as well as printed marketing collateral and signage

Launch and Lift Off

The property was immediately uploaded to the East Realty Facebook page and a variety of websites to ensure coverage captured as many pairs of eyes as possible – locally, nationally and internationally.

The Stats at a Glance

17 Enquires fielded in the first 5 days
Listing views online 10,901
Trademe watchers totalling 551
Property video viewed 253 times
1809 Social media views
34 Information packs requested
8 Private viewings
37 Groups through the first open home
7 Offers in total

What Happened Next

The traffic jam outside the property on the first weekend of Open Homes was astonishing. There were 37 separate family groups through on the very first day and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Following this buyers liaised with Tracey and Trevor who were delighted to bring seven offers to Rachel and Nathan within the first 48 hours of the open home and from those offers the home was then under contract much to the delight of both parties.

When Sold Means Sold

The power of an idea is always in its implementation. The groundwork to prepare and market this lovely property quickly saw the owners celebrate the NOW SOLD sticker on the sign and lock in plans for their next move. In their own words, this is what they had to say about the experience:

“What͏ a team! Thank you Trevor and Tracey for an incredibly fast and easy sale process. Your depth of knowledge about the local property market and marketing campaign for our property was outstanding. The combination of Tracey’s eye for presentation and Trevor’s practical approach gave us the guidance we needed to present our home beautifully and stress free. The heartfelt way they treated us and those viewing our property made us feel valued as a client and gave us confidence in them. Selling your home can be stressful. Trevor and Tracey handled the details expertly and explained the process in a way that we understood. They were open to our questions and concerns and even including our kids in the process. Thank You” – Rachel & Nathan

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